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This week's Catnip

Vegan Babe covers the newest beauty, fashion and lifestyle trends for chic and faithful vegans, as well as those simply curious about compassionate alternatives.

So what does it mean to be vegan? Unlike vegetarians, vegans must avoid four-cheese omelettes, double skim lattes, brie, caviar and even certain types of gelatin-based popsicles. Their diet includes no animal parts or byproducts, and their closets and medicine cabinets are free of products containing animal-derived or animal-tested ingredients.  If you’ve ever looked at the ingredient list for your moisturizer, you might find it a tad overwhelming. How’s a girl supposed to know what's animal, vegetable or mineral? That’s where Babe’s keen feline investigative skills come into play. She's more than happy to do the legwork for you, if you promise to consider a vegan lifestyle.

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