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July 26, 2007

Babe’s been intrigued by elephants ever since she heard they never forget, especially because she herself can barely remember her middle name (it's Paley, by the way). After reading Sara Gruen’s compelling novel Water for Elephants starring, of course, a whip-smart pachyderm, she felt the need to express her admiration in a more public fashion. A fitting tribute comes in the form of Heavy Rotation’s cotton elephant tee, which features an understated, whimsical image – cute, but not “Dumbo” psychedelic. The slim green shirt is available at heavytees.com for $26. When you're done adding a new t-shirt to your clothing trunk, skip over to elephants.com and make a donation to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, a retirement community of sorts for our giant gray friends.


August 2, 2007
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July 26, 2007
Heavy Rotation elephant tee

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