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March 27, 2008

Babe's pretty blessed in the friend department -- quite a few of her gal pals have force-fed her Catnip to their boyfriends. However, it's been brought to her attention those particular readers may not be as jazzed to hear about sparkly coral lip gloss or hot pink pumps. Babe's got her paws full with news of girly handbags and spring dresses, but she recently discovered a groovy masculine resource -- kind of like a Vegan Babe for boys -- aptly named The Discerning Brute. Blogger Joshua Katcher (at right, with Enzo, rescued from Sugar Mutts) posts about topics ranging from ethical fashion to food to philosophy, but what really caught Babe's eye was this piece on Dr. Cow raw nut cheese. So even though the blog is geared toward the gents, The Discerning Brute has plenty to offer for us Vegan Babes! 

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