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April 24, 2008

When the weather heats up, Babe gets in the mood for beach reading -- she thinks there is nothing more delectable on a sunny day than a frozen margarita and a good mystery. Despite a slightly naughty title, Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals by animal rights activist Karen Dawn isn't exactly a trashy poolside kind of book. But it's absolutely a must-read for any vegan or animal lover. Engagingly well-written and dotted with clever cartoons, Thanking the Monkey lays out the case for compassion with exhaustive research and level-headed arguments. Dawn covers all the bases -- animal testing farming, veganism, activism, etc. What's best about this book, however, is that it doesn't lecture, and places an emphasis on rational persuasion. Babe knows from extensive experience that being a Miss Preachy Paws wins you no pals! If you're feeling an irrisistable urge to moralize, instead give your non-vegan friends and family a copy of Thanking the Monkey, available on April 29 for $13.57 at Amazon.com.      

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