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October 1, 2009

Happy World Vegetarian Day! Babe needs no excuse to party, but this particular day (and the coming month) is quite special. This is a time to reflect on why we are vegetarians/vegans and to celebrate our compassion and culinary creativity. There are many ways to do this, including joining Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals. If you're in New York this weekend, look for Babe prowling through Central Park with her pals. You could also throw a fabulous party and show all your carnivore friends what they're missing. Steal some recipes from an Oprah fave, Tal Ronnen, when his new book, The Conscious Cook ($29.99), comes out next week. Get back in touch with the cows and sheep for whom you advocate by reading Amy Hatkoff's The Inner Lives of Animals. You'll stand on solid ground among your more conservative acquaintances if you quote from former Bush speechwriter Matthew Scully's Dominion. One of Babe's top sites to peruse is animalhistory.org -- chock-full of fun facts and quotes you can stick on your fridge. And just because you're special, Babe is going to give one of her loyal readers a little gift next week -- stay tuned! 

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