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September 4, 2008

A real drag for globe-trotting (or state-hopping) vegans can be -- no surprise --foraging for suitable grub. Whether visiting relatives or traveling to remote locales for business, Babe is always facing culinary challenges. Vegan goddess Sarah Kramer has just made her life a little easier with the launch of the paw-sized travel guide Vegan A Go-Go ($17.95), a book that's chock full of recipes using readily available ingredients. Thanks to Kramer, Babe now knows how to make oat or rice milk on the fly (vital for coffee), a variety of microwaveable soups, and even toothpaste! The author also offers up travel advice in her trademark cheeky humor. A fun bonus is a section on how to say "I'm vegan" in 5 different languages (Canadian: "I'm vegan, eh"). 

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