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April 16, 2009

Earth Day is almost upon us, and while Babe's wardrobe isn't always environmentally friendly -- those $5 PVC-based Target bags are too tempting --she believes it's vital for us all to help minimize damage to the planet. So take a few seconds to think about ways you can reduce your carbon pawprint ahead of April 22 (just being vegan helps, though!). One of Babe's favorite new resources is the Kind Green Planet Web site, which is chock-full of great tips on eco-conscious, humane living. Obviously, plastic water bottles are out; instead, order a stainless steel one ($12) from vegan grocery store Food Fight! or pick up a Sigg at Whole Foods. Ditch the paper grocery bags for a colorful tote like Herbivore's Cow Hugger ($17.95). Recycled jewelry is a less guilt-inducing extravagance. Kellybeth Designs (at right) makes funky earrings and bracelets from old credit cards, priced from $16 to $40. But it will cost you nothing to speak out against the Fur Council of Canada's silly "Fur is Green" campaign, and if you cc Matt & Nat on your politely outraged email, you could even win some cruelty-free goodies.

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