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July 2, 2009

Last week, Babe showed you some cute summer outfits. Now you have something to wear to your July 4th BBQ (very important). Next on the list is what to drink and eat (second-most important). Babe's parties are never terribly impressive, mainly because she's too lazy to create a complicated, exotic menu. But she does have the perfect plan for a simple, festive fete on the fly, starting with cocktails. Two surefire hits are a hibiscus margarita, created with Fruit Labs organic liqueur instead of Grand Marnier, and a frozen watermelon mojito (blend fruit and rum, add to muddled lime juice and mint). For finger foods, Babe likes to fry up some tofu sticks, which can be dipped in barbeque sauce (Organicville is far and away her favorite). Because Babe loves all things spicy, she laps up her extra-hot guacamole with Garden of Eatin' Three Pepper tortilla chips. For dessert, nothing beats scrumptious S'mores from Sweet & Sara. And if you happen to overindulge, which Babe of course never does, you might want to ditch any form-fitting clothing for a chic but relaxed dress.

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