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January 21, 2010

Happy New Year, kittens! Babe spent a lovely month celebrating with family, friends and the Whole Foods vegan bakery department, and meowza, it shows. Time to get her tail in gear for a new decade. "Detoxing" is all the rage, but Babe can't quite wrap her head around a liquid diet, unless it means a coffee-and-wine cleanse. A better plan is to incorporate some long term, manageable lifestyle changes without resorting to extremes. There are lots of simple ways to add protein to your diet in 300 calories or less -- Babe particularly likes to heat up Gardein's new BBQ pulled shreds, at right, or seasoned bites in the microwave and toss with a veggie salad for a quick lunch. Steamed spinach is great with their yummy vegan cheese-filled chick'n good stuff. Cold weather calls for a cozy soup like Kettle Cuisine's hearty, high-fiber three-bean chili (don't forget the side salad!). If you're looking for a vegan version of Nutri-System, etc., Amy's Kitchen offers a two-week diet plan, complete with grocery list. Although it's not Babe's cup of tea, cleanses aren't all bad, if done correctly. She trusts health counselor Suzanne Boothby to help her get back on track (check her Web site for a few easy, delish recipes and tips, or drop her a line for a personalized consult).

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