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April 23, 2009

Since becoming vegan, Babe has learned to love the leafy, vitamin-rich veggies she once dreaded. Kale and collard greens are now on the menu at least four times a week. But sometimes (usually after an especially spirited evening out), she'd rather just scarf down heavy carbs like bread or french fries. Such an indulgence is permissable if she adds a nutritional supplement the next day. Babe's also quite sure this approach cancels out empty baguette calories. Sounds reasonable, right? She's been loving the B12-loaded Verve sugar-free energy drink, which is like a natural version of Red Bull and similarly priced in the $2.75-$3 per can range. In a pinch, she'll also pop a multivitamin like VegLife's Vegan One Multiple, which can be found online or at Whole Foods. DEVA Nutrition is every vegan's go-to brand for the most comprehensive offering of vitamins and nutraceuticals. And Babe continues to use soy-free, pea-based Nutribody protein powder in shakes and juices. She swears it's much yummier than it sounds.

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