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November 12, 2009

Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, but if you're hosting a vegan dinner, it's never too early to start planning some creative dishes. Just in time for the holidays, Match Meats has launched a new line of veggie "meats" that could be used to whip up sides like sausage stuffing. The company also has a yummy holiday roast (at right) that joins Field Roast's Celebration Roast and Tofurkey as the go-to products to serve during a traditional meal. 101cookbooks.com has a collection of veg-friendly recipes, and Gardein conveniently partnered with Conscious Cook Tal Ronnen to prepare an entire Thanksgiving menu. And since *certain* vegans can overdo it when confronted with a bountiful cruelty-free feast, Babe always likes to include some lower calorie options. Try Fatfreevegan.com, especially for desserts.

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