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November 27, 2008

Gobble (and drink) up now but you, like Babe, will probably spend the day after Thanksgiving rolling around the bed in the throes of a wicked Tofurky/pumpkin pie/mimosa hangover. She can't help with that, but here is a tip to make certain you don't become more puffed up than a Macy's float after such a calorie-fest -- replace one meal a day with a protein drink or energy bar for a week, and voila! You're back to being slim kittens. For those avoiding soy, mix up some pea- and brown rice-based Nutribody Protein Powder with nut milk, ice and banana for a breakfast smoothie. If you aren't exactly a morning person, grab something simple to eat as you dash to work. Babe is loving the new site ElementBars.com, where you can customize your own bar with a variety of ingredients like flax seed, almonds, pumpkin spice and dried cranberries. She also likes to keep a raw food option like PURE bars in her bag. For a more satiating meal, try the hearty ProBar (Babe favors the Kettle Corn these days) or a CLIF Builder's bar, packed with 20 grams of protein. 

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